Low2No Inspires: NO-CHAIR-DESIGN Challenge

Low2No Camper Eero Yli-Vakkuri and his Ore.e Refiniries have turned a new page in the history of design. They have started a NO-CHAIR-DESIGN Challenge for 2012. The challenge is easy to understand yet hard accomplish: not designing a chair in the year 2012.

So if you’re a designer you can participate by not designing a chair in 2012, challenging a friend or by downloading and distributing the campaign kit. The campaign kit  includes everything you need to push these ideas forward in your own neighborhood.
Web: banners, gif | Printable: badges, posters | Video: stills (4:3/16:9).zip .zip ~4,6MB
If nothing elser print this .pdf and post it on your library wall!


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One Response to Low2No Inspires: NO-CHAIR-DESIGN Challenge

  1. Eero says:

    I would have not have had the confidence to build this project without the experience of being at DMY and having had the opportunity to present Ore.e Ref. stuff next to normal design. I think one thing we learned during the camp was that paradoxal crossovers (activism-to-popularism etc.) are needed when we want to have an impact.

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